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    A Realistic Look at Getting Big Quickly

    Want to know how to pack on lean mass or general body weight quickly? The simple answer is to eat, workout, and rest a ton. Although, everyone knows that it’s slightly more complicated than that. It doesn’t have to be, but it is. Why? For starters, there’s the mind-boggling amount of disinformation circulating around and …

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    Get Ripped or Go for the Six Pack?

    Are you wondering whether you need to increase your muscle mass or lose that extra fat? Some common thoughts are: I’m going to lose X% of body-fat so that when I do get more muscle, I won’t have to lose as much fat after and i’ll also look better throughout the time I do it. …

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    Redistribution – Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

    For many beginners it is often quite common that when they begin weights training and eating properly they don’t actually gain weight but they drop a couple of inches in the waist. This is because they are losing fat at the same time as gaining muscle. In reality it’s fairly difficult to keep this up …

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